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Information AMMAN
GeneralAmman is Jordan?s capital and largest city. It is the center of commerce, politics and culture for the area. It is also one of the world?s oldest countries with a continual population. Amman is a city of close to three million people and is considered one of the world?s best cities based on its economy, environment, labor and socio-cultural standards. Amman has a very diverse collection of nationalities including Iraqi, Palestinian, Circassian, Armenian. It is also known as a haven for many refugees. Amman?s history dates back to the Neolithic era. Still today one can find tombs from the early Bronze Age located on the Citadel hill. It was mentioned in the Bible as Rabat Ammon and is said to be where King David defeated Uriah Hahitte. It has gone through many political and religious regimes. Starting as an Ammonite city it was later taken over by the Christians, then Circassians and later by the Ottoman Empire. Amman is currently ruled by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In the Middle East, Amman is considered one of the most liberal cities.It is also considered one of the most ?westernized?. Jordan has the tradition of allowing people the freedom to worship in whatever they want. In addition, they are not overly restrictive of their media. There is also no enforced religious dress code in Jordan. Amman is a beautiful blend of history and present day. While touring Amman you can find temples and churches dating back thousands of years alongside modern day sports facilities and spas. Amman was originally built on a collection of seven hills but over the years has spread over nineteen different hills. Some popular tourist sites in Amman include; The Roman Theatre, the Nymphaeum amd the Watchtower from the Ammonite period. On the Citadel Hill you can find the Temple of Herakles which is a collection of Roman Period Remains, The Ummayad Palace and the Byzantine Church which dates back to the 5th Century. Also on the Hill is the National Archaeological Museum.
Dialing code962-6

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