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wind: במהירות 24 kph

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Sunny, Click for detailed weather for GRXX0004

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Information ATHENS
GeneralAthens is the capital and largest city in Greece. At 3400 years it is one of the world?s oldest cities. Athens is known as the birthplace of democracy. In ancient times Athens was the home to Artistotle?s Lyceum and Plato?s academy. It was a great city-state and a center for the arts, philosophy and learning. Athens has a population of almost 800,000 people and the greater Athens area is just over four million make it the fourth most populated city in the European Union. Athens has many ancient buildings and monuments still remaining around the city. The most famous is the Parthenon which is a temple dedicated to Athena to whom the city was dedicated. There are also a number of Byzantine, Roman and even Ottoman monuments still remaining. Athens is also privileged to be home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, The Acropolis and the Daphni Monastery dating back to the beginning of the sixth century. Athens was the host of the first Modern Olympics Games in 1896, the host of the first Summer Olympic Games in 1906 and then again 98 years later as the host of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games. Athens is considered to be one of the leading cities of Archaeological research. Besides for national institutions like the Archaeological society and Athens University there are also a number of museums such as the National Archaeological Museum, the Epigraphic Museum, The Byzantine Museum and ore. Additionally there are museums at the Acropolis, Agora and Kerameikos. Athens also has 17 Foreign Archaeological Institutes which help all the scholars and archaeologists who come from abroad to Athens to study. As one of the earliest centers of the arts Athens has 148 theatrical stages which is more than any other city in the world. Athens also hosts the famous Athens Festival which is held yearly from May to October.
Dialing code+30-210
police112 / 100
Fire112 / 199

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