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Information BAGHDAD
GeneralBaghdad is the capital of Iraq. Baghad is the biggest city in Iraq with a population of over 7.2 million people. After Cairo, Egypt, Baghdad is the second biggest city in the Arab world, and after Tehran, Iran, Baghdad is the second biggest city in Western Asia. Throughout history, Baghdad has played an important part in Arab culture. Baghdad is the home to many famous musicians, artists and writers such as Umm Kulthum, Fairuz, Ilham al-Madfai and more. Although Baghdad has had some hard times recently, mostly due to the War on Terrorism which started in 2003, there are still some interesting sites to see in Baghdad. One notable site is the Baghdad Zoo. The Baghdad Zoo is the biggest zoo in Iraq and opened in 1971. Although the zoo was destroyed in 2003 it has recovered nicely. However, there are less large animals to see than previously. Another interesting site is the Al-Faw Palace otherwise known as the Water Palace. It is located along the Tigris River and today is used as a military base for US troops. There are also a great deal of military monuments located in Baghdad. The Swords of Q?dis?yah are a giant pair of triumphal arches which is a tribute to the alleged victory over Iran. The Swords are also called the Hands of Victory. The Al-Shaheed Monument is a monument which is dedicated to soldiers who were killed in the Iran-Iraq war. The monument is made of a dome in the center of a man-made lake. Located two levels under the dome are a library, museum, lecture hall, exhibition gallery and a cafeteria. Other monuments inclue the Monument to an Unknown Soldier which is a statue of a shield falling from the dying hold of an Iraqi soldier; and the Umm al-Qura Mosque which was built to remember the victory of the 1991 Gulf War. The minarets of the Mosque of shaped like SCUD missles and gun barrels.
Dialing code964-1

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