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GeneralBatumi is located along the Black Sea. It is a seaside city and is the capital of Adjara which is an autonomous republic of Georgia. Batumi is an important commercial center and port for Georgia. It?s climate makes it good for agricultural products like citrus fruits and tea. Although the economy benefits greatly from the shipbuilding, light manufacturing and food processing, most of the city?s revenue revolves around tourism. In ancient times where Batumi is located was once the ancient Greek colony Bathus. Under the rule of Hadrian Bathus was made into a Roman port . After much passing back and forth between different rulers Batumi became under the Ottoman Empire in 1627. Under the Turks Batumi grew into a great fortified town. Since it already had an active port, Batumi became the major center of the Transcaucasian slave trade. In 1878, the Russian Empire annexed Batumi according to the rules of the Treaty of San Stefano between the Ottoman Empire and Russia. Batumi was declared a free port from 1878 until 1886. Then it became a center of a special military district. In 1883 Batumi was incorporated into the Government of Kuaisi. In 1903 Batumi was established as the region of Batumi and the General Government of Georgia was given direct control over it. Batumi began expanding in 1883 when the Batumi-Tiflis-Baku railway was constructed. It was completed in 1900 with the completion of the Baku-Batumi pipe-line. Because of this Batumi became the major Russian oil port in the Black Sea. The population grew very quickly from over 8600 in 1882 to 16000 by 1902. 1000 people worked in Baron Rothschild?s Caspian and Black Sea oil company refinery. Recently several international investors have come to Batumi. Supposedly Kazakh investors have spent $100 million buying over twenty hotels in Ajara.
Dialing code995-222

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