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Partly Cloudy



Sunny, Click for detailed weather for BRXX0043

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Information BRASILIA
GeneralBrasilia is the capital city of Brazil. It is located on the Planalto Central. There are around 2,550,000 people living in Brasilia and about 3.6 million people living in the greater metropolitan area. Brasilia is the fourth biggest city in Brazil but the sixth biggest metropolitan area. Brasilia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All the branches of the Brazilian government are hosted in Brasilia. In addition many Brazilian companies have their headquarters in Brasilia. Brasilia was built very specifically to accommodate everyone as much as possible. There are hotel sections, residential sections and tourist sections. When viewed from about Brasilia?s main area looks like a butterfly or an airplane. Brasilia is often known as Capital Federai or BSB. People from Brasilia are called candangos or brasilienses. Candango refers to people who were not born in the city but moved there after the city was established. When the city was first founded it was intended to be a city for government officials and their staff. However, while the city was being built people from all over Brazil moved to Brasilia in order to get jobs in the public and private sectors. Because of this Brasilia was the city with the high population in the world at the end of the 1900s that was not in existence in the beginning of the century. There are a large number of foreign embassy workers as well as other Brazilians who have made their way to Brasilia. Brasilia is well known for its modernist architecture as well as its utopian city plan. Many people have praised this and just as many have criticized it. Brasilia has a very high quality of life and the city?s residents in the superquadras live in forested areas with beautiful leisure and sports structures. Because of this Brasilia has been nicknamed ?ilha da fantasia? or fantasy island.
Dialing code55-61

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