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GeneralEindhoven is located in North Brabant a province in the southern part of the Netherlands. Eindhoven has a population of over two hundred thousand people making it the largest city in North Brabant and the fifth biggest in the Netherlands. Almost thirty percent of the Eindhoven population is foreign, either having been born outside of the Netherlands or having a parent that was. The big minority groups living in Eindhoven are Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Antilleans and Arubans in descending order. North Brabant was historically known as being a Roman Catholic province. However, over the past few decades more and more people have moved into Eindhoven from around the world creating a much more diverse religious population. Although Roman Catholics still make up more than half of the population there is a considerable Reformed and Dutch Reformed population as well as Muslim and Atheist. In 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 Eindhoven was reported to have the highest crime rate in all of the Netherlands. As of 2011 Eindhoven has dropped down to number six on the list. Although Eindhoven originally started out as a small village with good agriculture is has now transformed into one of the major cities in the Netherlands. During the reconstruction of the Netherlands in the early 1800s, Einhoven was used as a location for developing industries. Eindhoven quickly became known for its industrial factories such as cigar manufacturing, textile weaving, hat and match making. However, after World War II many of these industries disappeared. In the early 1890s Gerard and Anton Philips built a light bulb factory in Eindhoven. This factory has since grown into one of the biggest electronics firms in the entire world. Because of this company, Eindhoven?s economy has exploded. The factory attracted many other hi-tech companies which caused Eindhoven to become an important industrial and technological center. In 2005 one third of the money spent on research in the Netherlands was spent either in or around Eindhoven. One fourth of the jobs in the Eindhoven area are in technology with one of the many companies that has made Eindhoven their home.
Dialing code+31-20

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