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Information NAIROBI
GeneralNairobi is the capital of Kenya as well as its biggest city. Nairobi was founded in 1889 as a stop along the railroad which connected Uganda and Mombassa. By 1907 it had become the capital of British East Africa and then the capital of the Kenyan republic in 1963. Nairobi is the most populated city in East Africa with around 3 million residents. With the surrounding suburbs Nairobi is the twelfth biggest city in all of Africa. Nairobi is the African and Middle Eastern headquarters for the United Nations as well as UNEP the United Nations Environment Program. One of the biggest stock exchanges in Africa is the Nairobi Stock Exchange. It is also the second oldest one. Nairobi has thousands of national business located within the city as well as over 100 major international organizations and companies. Since colonial rule Nairobi has maintained a strong British influence. This can be seen by English named suburbs such as Parkland and Hurlingham. Many foreigners arrived in Nairobi from other British colonies like Pakistan and India. These people mostly came to Nairobi after finishing work on the Kampala-Mombasa railway. Nairobi has large Sudanese and Somalian communities. There are three nicknames given to Nairobi. One is the ?Safari Capital of the World? due to the high tourist traffic coming to Nairobi for Safaris, another is ?Nairobbery? alluding to the high crime rate in Nairobi and the last is ?The Green City in the Sun? from the warm climate and foliage of the city. The center of the Kenyan music scene is definitely Nairobi. A Kenyan genre of music called Benga was developed in Nairobi. Benga is a mix of Luo and jazz. During the 1970s Nairobi became the major hub for Central and East African music. At the same time it became the center of soukous music as well. This genre of music became so famous that Virgin Records came out and signed a bunch of artists. These days Nairobi is popular on the Kenyan hiphop scene. Many artists have come to Nairobi to perform including Bob Marley, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Akon and more.
Dialing code254-20

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