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Sunny, Click for detailed weather for CYXX0005

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Information NICOSIA
GeneralNicosia is the capital of Cyprus as well as the main finanical center. Nicosia is the only capital in the world to be divided with a green line dividing the northern and southern areas. The northern part of Nicosia is occupied by Turkey and is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which was officially declared in 1983 but is still not recognized internationally. The southern area of Nicosia is the capital and biggest town in the Republic of Cyprus which is internationally recognized. The city was divided from 1955 to 1963 by the threshold of the Mason-Dixon Line between the Greek and Turkish areas of the old city. After major violent attacks in the 1960s Nicosia was divided between the two communities by the Green Line in 1964. In July of 1974 the Greek junta had a coup against the president by pretending to offer humanitarian assistance to the Turkish community. After that Turkey invaded Cyprus and took control of the northern part of the city. After the invasion the city was completely divided even though the invasion has been condemned by the Security Council of the United Nations. In 1983 the Turkish Cypriots declared independence but it was denied by the UN Security Council. In 2008 the wall which divided the communities was opened. In the southern part of the city there is a population of just over 300,000 while there?s only 84,893 living in the north. While there has been a lot of political strife in the city Nicosia has still been able to make itself a cosmopolitan city with an impressive culture which combines modernity with history. Nicosia is an important finance and business center as well as a big education center hosting five universities. The biggest archaeological museum in Cyprus, the Cyprus Museum, is located in Nicosia. There you can find the biggest collection of Cypriot antiques in the entire world. There is also the Ethnographic Museum of Nicosia which houses the biggest ethnographic artifacts in all of Cyprus including metalwork, woodcarvings, lace, paintings pottery and costumes. In 2000 the Miss Universe Pageant was hosted in Nicosia.
Dialing code357-22

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