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Information TASHKENT
GeneralTashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. In ancient times it was a stop along the Great Silk Road between China and Europe. Although it was once an important central Asian city today it is a very Soviet city. Due to the earthquake in 1966 and the modernization after the 1917 revolution, there is very little that remains from its ancient past. Today Tashkent is a mix of new modern offices, parks hotels and crumbling Soviet style apartment buildings. In the past few years the Uzbekistan government has been trying to renovate the city center. All roads, parks and government buildings are being rebuilt while many historical sites have been destroyed in the process. Although the center of the city looks new and impressive, the residential areas have to be touched. Tashkent has built up a city ready for tourism and new residents but so far none have come. The official language of Tashkent is Uzbek although many residents speak Russian as their native language. Most businesses and other printed materials use Russian. Only government bodies use Uzbek as their main language but many official documents are in Russian and not Uzbek. As of 2005 Tashkent had a population of 2.2 million people. The Independence Square is the biggest city square in the former USSR. It used to have the tallest statue of Lenin (30 meters tall) in the Soviet Union but in 1992 the Lenin statue was replaced by a globe which shows the map of Uzbekistan. One interesting site to see in Tashkent is the Monument of Courage which is located 300 meters from the Independence Square. The monument was built as a tribute to the courage of the Tashkent people during the time of the Tashkent Earthquake on April 26th 1966. The earthquake turned the entire city into rubble causing them to build the city up from the ashes into modern Tashkent.
Dialing code998-71

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