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Patchy light rain
Temp: 21°C
wind: במהירות 22 kph

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Sunny, Click for detailed weather for ITXX0087

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Information VERONA
GeneralVerona, located in north east Italy is most famous for being the setting of Shakespeare?s play Romeo and Juliet. Although it is located close to Venice is considered to be a much more relaxed location and has many fewer tourists per capita. The urban city of Verona has only 265,000 residents but the greater metropolitan area has of 700,000. One of the most famous sites in Verona is Juliet?s House or Casa di Giulietta. It is considered to be the location of the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and is a major tourist hot spot. In reality the house has no connection at all to the play but when the balcony was added in 1936 it was declared as Juliet?s House in order to attract the tourists journeying to Verona to be close to the play setting. In the courtyard under the balcony is a statue of Juliet which is surrounded by lot of graffiti, people writing love letters to Juliet. Aside from its connection to Shakespeare, Verona has many other important architectural sites. In fact due to these buildings, Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many leftover buildings from the Roman times and also from the Medieval Period. Some famous buildings still standing are the Roman Ampitheatre, the Castelvecchio which houses the city art museum and a vast collection of medieval sculptures and Renaissance paintings, Pizza delle Erbe, where the Roman Forum was, and Leberti Tower, Verona?s tallest tower, to name a few. Some notable people who come from Verona include Leonardo Da Vinci artist and all around renaissance man, Sara Simeoni, former world high jump primatist and Olympic gold medalist, Franco Donatoni, composer, Mario Capecchi, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine in 2007 and many more. Verona is also known for its wonderful shopping, cafes and museums. In 1990 Verona hosted the FIFA World Cup.
Dialing code39-045
police112 / 113

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